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Pool Cleaning Service and Repairs

Estimates of service rates-prices may vary.

Full Weekly Service Pool Cleaning - $300 monthly with most chemicals included on autopay/$310 without autopay. Pools with active leaks will be billed additional for high chemical need.

Standalone Spa Service - Please call for quote

Swimming Pool Service = A Clean Pool

A clean pool is a clean pool!!

Variable Speed Pumps - $Huge Savings$

more info on VS Pump page

90% savings over single speed pumps

Complete Pool Repairs - A-Z - Free Estimates!!

Filters - Diatomaceous Earth, Cartridge, Sand

Heaters - Burner Trays, Pressure switches, control board - New Installs

Pumps- seals, seal plates, motors, impellers, etc.

Other Services -

Pool Tile Cleaning - prices based on severity of buildup

Swimming Pool Clean Up - Pool clean-up from green to clean. Prices Vary

Pool Chemicals - Chemical deliveries - call for prices

New Equipment Installs

Consulting - Considering installing a pool? Not all equipment is of the same quality!!

Pool Inspections

Pool Tile Cleaning-

We use all natural Kieserite or epson salts to blast the calcium away all while polishing the tile. We shoot the Kieserite through the Pressure Washer @ 4k psi and it just polishes that tile right up. Follow up with TPS tile protectant and sealer and you are good to go for another couple years. Proper water chemistry is the key to a good looking tile line. 5-8$ per ft. for cleaning and 1.00$ per ft with 100.00$ minimum for sealer. Sealer is not recommended on some surfaces.

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