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The Go-To Swimming Pool  Service & Repair Company serving Hinds, Rankin & Madison Counties. Over 15 years experience and a five star rating on Yelp! 

We offer competitive rates for all types of cleaning, and repairs including: Complete Equipment Sets, Variable Speed Pumps, Gas Heaters, and Filter installs and troubleshooting and repairs.

  • Top Notch Service
  • Green to Cleans
  • Variable speed pump installs with efficienct setup 
  • Professional Pool Tile Cleaning
  • New equipment sets, automation upgrades
  • Repairs- Heaters, Filters and Pumps
  • And more!

Our Swimming pool maintenance is second to none, Featuring the Liquidator from HASA

Don't forget Our Pool Tile Cleaning uses on Kieserite(epson salts) to blast away calcium buildup

Check us out on Today for exclusive deals!!

To request an estimate contact us today!


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