Eco Friendly Products and Quality Service - Proper Pool Service

                                Full Bi-Weekly Full Pool Service
$125-Billed Monthly 

·      $199 Enrollment Fee which includes Borates at a level of 50-80ppm. 

·      1 Filter clean included per season- valued at $125 

·      More consistent results!! 

·      Borax water is silkier, and sparkles more than a salt pool!! 

·      Borax is a natural mild algaecide 

·      Borax is considered an antimicrobial compound, a fungicide, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying agent. 

·      Borax acts as a Ph buffer making chlorine more effective with less ppm. 

·      Borax helps keeps a stable Ph near 7.5 the same as a human tear, which is friendly on the eyes. Ph is the common cause of burning eyes not chlorine. 

·      Knowing that your pool is actually safe to swim in!! 

·      Complete the Service Call Form @ to be contacted to services or repairs today!!                                                       

$$$  Money Savings  $$$  

·      Similar properties of “Salt Pool” without the negative side effects. 

·      Soft water is easy on equipment aiding the maximum life span of parts and equipment. 

·      Service Log upon visit so you know what your chemical levels are!!

·      More resilient water requires less total filtration saving money. 


·      Auto bill pay preferred!! Saves us time, Saves you time!!            No writing checks, No envelopes to taste, No stamps, E-invoice followed by Auto-draft payment-Real Easy!!  

Proper Pool Service
Licensed, Bonded & Insured
 (408) 779-7767(Prop)
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